Real Food with Local Roots

We're Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, also known as PNW. We're dedicated to preserving family farms and protecting the land through a way of life that some call old-fashioned. We're OK with that, and one taste of our delicious PNW Co-op Specialty Foods explains why.

Passed down through generations, our 100-year-old family farms in eastern Washington and northern Idaho are rooted in sustainable agriculture.  Our PNW Co-op Specialty Foods growers nurture the land through crop rotation, cover cropping, and reduced usage of toxic chemicals and fossil fuel. It all adds up to rich, healthy soil that allows PNW Co-op to grow incredibly healthy garbanzo beans, lentils and split peas for your table.

"We select the food products we grow as carefully as we select food for our own families," says Bill Newbry, chief executive officer of PNW Co-op.

From our family of farmers to you: Thank you for choosing PNW Co-op Specialty Foods.

All PNW Co-op Specialty Foods are:

  • Grown sustainably on Palouse Prairie family farms
  • Verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project
  • Food Alliance certified


  • Certified Kosher and Parve
  • Free of additives, colors and preservatives
  • Inspected to meet the industry’s highest food safety standards


We’re proud that PNW Co-op Specialty Foods are Food Alliance Certified. This comprehensive third-party certification is proof of PNW Co-op’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

PNW Co-op Specialty Foods are verified by The Non-GMO Project.

All of PNW Co-op’s lentils, garbanzo beans, green split peas and whole mustard seed are certified Kosher and Parve.

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Allergy information: PNW Co-op Specialty Foods are cleaned in a facility used to process wheat.

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