About Us

Davidson Commodities was started by our dad Mike in 1990.  As the son of a veterinarian in Ottawa, Ill., Mike learned to respect farmers at a very young age. He carried that respect forward as he worked with growers committed to Non-GMO crops, and built his business in Spokane, WA, supplying specialty grains and seeds to cereal manufacturers and bird food companies.

Mike invited two of his children to join Davidson Commodities in 2005. Matt and Kim now own Davidson Commodities, although we still refer to Mike as our “Obi-Wan” of business expertise. (We could call him Yoda, but Mike’s much taller and not nearly as old.)

We’re proud to say that Davidson Commodities is still a small, family-owned business that is committed to preserving family farms and conducting business with honesty and integrity. We believe business is personal, and we truly value the long-term relationships that we share with our farmers and customers.

Davidson Commodities is the home of PNW Co-op Specialty Foods and Mighty Mustard® cover crop seed, grown by PNW Co-op: Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, based in Genesee, Idaho. All of our unique lentils, garbanzo beans and green split peas are certified by Food Alliance, verified by the Non-GMO Project, and certified Kosher and Parve.

If you have any questions for us, just ask. And if you see us at The Spokane Ag Expo, Acres USA conference, or any other events, please stop and say hi. We’d love to meet you.

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